My Mission

Countless of hours in front of a screen, editing, watching a scene unfold, or simply replaying life captured through a lens; I seek real life experiences.

To tell the truth of one's story through film. Being able to connect and feel for one human. We strive to connect, and I want to bring you stories you have never experienced first-hand. New experiences correlate to learning something new, broadening your scope on how other people live. How others feel, love, and care. 

Film and photography is a chance to see the world through the eyes of another.

Kelly Huang Illusion Theater.jpg


I’m an artist. That’s what I put down on my taxes. I’m more than a videographer, or video editor. I’m also a performer. In one short year I’ve been on 4 stages in Minneapolis/St.Paul. I’ve learned very quickly that being passionate is what gets you the job. People will see the hard work and accountability. Passion makes you motivated. I’m very passionate about telling stories through film or acting on stage. All I want to do is tell your story and tell it right. Let me help you in creating your narrative.